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Help! My Teeth Are Yellow!

Yellow teeth are a common cosmetic concern and for understandable reasons. When your teeth are more yellow than white, you may appear older or less healthy, even if you brush and floss every day. Shifting to a brighter, whiter smile can improve your confidence and, depending on how you go about it, your dental health as well. 

Dr. Shiva Salehi and her team at Madison Family Dental Group, located in Fair Oaks, California, are pleased to offer in-office and at-home teeth whitening services using Philips Zoom!® for anyone concerned about discolored teeth. Here, we explore the ins and outs of yellow teeth, including details about how we can help.

Causes behind yellow teeth

A range of factors can lead to yellowed teeth, including lifestyle factors and the aging process. Age-related teeth yellowing happens when wear-and-tear on the enamel of your teeth reveals the more yellowish interior. Genetics also plays a role in tooth color. So if your parents or other family members have been prone to yellow teeth, you could be, too.

Lifestyle and medical factors associated with yellow teeth include:

Solutions for yellow teeth

If you’d like to achieve a whiter smile, schedule an appointment at our office or ask about whitening options during a routine cleaning or exam. Depending on your specific goals and needs, we might recommend one of the following:

In-office teeth whitening

During our in-office Zoom! whitening treatments, you’ll sit comfortably in a dental chair while Dr. Salehi or one of our team members applies a potent whitening gel to your teeth. Then, a special LED light that accelerates the whitening process will shine on your teeth for three 15-minute intervals. The whole treatment takes less than an hour, after which you can leave with teeth up to eight shades lighter than you arrived with.

Take-home kits for teeth whitening

If you’d prefer more gradual results with less intensity all at once, which can be problematic for people with especially sensitive teeth, you may do best with a take-home whitening kit. 

With this option, Dr. Salehi gives you customized trays along with the whitening gel. At home, you’ll fill the trays with the gel and wear them for an indicated amount of time each day. Within a few weeks, you’ll have notably whiter teeth.

Making the most of your teeth whitening treatment

To make sure your teeth stay as white as possible, you’ll want to follow your follow-up care instructions. They’ll likely include steps such as avoiding certain foods and drinks temporarily. 

Positive dental hygiene is also crucial for maintaining pearly brights, so don’t forget to schedule routine professional cleanings. Brushing and flossing your teeth properly is also important, not only for preserving the whiteness of your teeth but for preventing issues such as plaque buildup, decay, and gum disease. 

To learn more about tooth discoloration or get started with teeth whitening treatment, call Madison Family Dental Group or text us or request an appointment with Dr. Shiva Salehi through our website.

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