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Dental Exam Specialist

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In order to achieve and maintain good oral health, children and adults need to receive regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. For compassionate care in an advanced technological and sanitary environment, book your or your child’s dental exam at Madison Family Dental Group, led by Shiva Salehi, DDS, in Fair Oaks, California. Attend to your dental health today by scheduling your dental exam online or over the phone.

Dental Exam Q&A

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is an appointment at which Dr. Salehi checks the health of your teeth and gums, and cleans your teeth. To promote oral health, kids and adults alike should get a dental exam every six months.

By regularly scheduling dental exams, you give Dr. Salehi the opportunity to identify oral health issues like cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease early before they have the chance to progress. The earlier you catch potential problems, the easier they are to treat.

What happens during a dental exam?

During a dental exam, your Madison Family Dental Group team begins by cleaning your teeth. Teeth cleaning involves two major steps, scaling and root planing.


To scale your teeth, your practitioner employs a tool called a scaler. With it, they scrape off the plaque and tartar above and below your gum line. They clean both the surfaces of your teeth and the pocket areas between your teeth and gums, called periodontal pockets. 

Root planing

During root planing, your Madison Family Dental Group hygienist uses the scaler tool to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of your tooth roots. While they’re doing this, they smooth your tooth roots, so that your gums can reattach to them more easily

Next, your hygienist polishes your teeth with gritty toothpaste and a high-powered electric tool. They conclude the dental cleaning by flossing your teeth.

If you’re prone to cavities, the practice may also recommend you receive a fluoride treatment. 

At the end of your dental exam, Dr. Salehi performs a visual exam of your oral tissue to check for infection, tooth decay, and other signs of potential gum disease. Finally, she offers you tips on how to care for your teeth, including good brushing and flossing techniques.

Why are dental exams important?

Dental exams are important for children and adults for many reasons, including:

Tartar removal

Tartar is a hard, sticky crystallized material that forms on your teeth when plaque combines with minerals in your saliva. Left alone, tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease. The only way to remove tartar is with a professional dental cleaning.

Oral health monitoring

When you schedule regular dental exams, Madison Family Dental Group can monitor your oral health and readily catch potential oral issues. In turn, this helps you avoid future invasive procedures and pain. 

Protect your oral health and the oral health of your family by scheduling a dental exam with Dr. Salehi at Madison Family Dental Group today. To make sure you feel safe and comfortable, the practice uses the latest technology and has implemented the most stringent cleaning routines. To contact the practice, call or fill out the online booking tool. 

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